Artist Statement

As a movement and video artist, my artwork reflects my attempt to be present in each moment, with myself, within my relationships, and with the world around me. While the specific topics of my work vary, authenticity within the present moment is the theme. My main research question is: What happens when we allow ourselves to be fully present in relationship with others, our environment, and ourselves? As such, my pieces often emphasize subtle, quirky movement that explodes in larger movement phrases or delves into partnering.

My process begins with brainstorming through free writing and improvisation. Before I enter rehearsal with my dancers, I research images, write short passages, and improvise movement. My goal in this beginning part of my process is to stay in the present moment, creating a meditative state in which I listen closely to my physical, mental, and emotional impulses and responses. From there, I create a list of concepts and movement ideas that I take into the studio to rehearse with my dancers. While I continue my meditative sessions throughout the rehearsal process, once I enter the studio with other dancers, I include them holistically in the creation of the piece. I ask my dancers to improvise, write, and dialog alongside me with the goal of the cast (and myself) being synchronous by the end of the process. As such, I see myself as a director in this stage of the process, giving direction to the dancers rather than as a dictator. Because my dancers play such a large role in aiding in the direction of the piece, the specific substance of each piece is often derived from the their impulses and ideas.

In this way, my work is participatory. It is created with the goal of allowing each viewer to participate in the meaning-making process, rather than expressing one idea or narrative. As such, each audience member will be able to use his or her own experiences and personal context to construct meaning. Most importantly, I encourage my viewers to be present with themselves as they watch, gauging their own responses and reactions and using that in their personal interpretations of my work.