31 Day Choreography Challenge: What It’s All About!

For the whole month of October, I (or a guest contributor) will be posting a video of short choreographic study. Yes. A different one every day.

Why am I doing a 31-Day Choreography Challenge? Three reasons:

  1. I want to be creating more. Having just moved to a totally new, strange place, I didn’t have an immediate creative outlet. And I was beginning to go a bit crazy with my life devoid of any making of art.
  2. Limited resources. Without a studio, lots of time and a stage, I was having a hard time actually getting to the making of something. For this project, wherever I am is my studio, the internets are my stage, and I only need but a small amount of time.
  3. I NEED to be creating more. Internet friends-here’s the thing: the lack of creating was beginning to make me a bit loopy. (You can ask my husband.) But, without having a deadline or a group of dancers, or a rehearsal, I was having a hard time just making to make. For this challenge though, I have you, internet friends, to help keep me on task.

Join me in my 31-Day Choreography Challenge!

It’s easy.

1.Choreograph and record a quick little ditty. Don’t think just do! Be sure it’s no longer than a minute.

2. Post it to Twitter and/or Tumblr

3. Tag me on Twitter, @raechile, and use the hashtag #31daychoreochallenge. (For Tumblr, just #31daychoreochallenge.)


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